The question should really be – What Doesn’t the HB Group Do?
We do it all!

The HB Group provides creative solutions for companies of all sizes. Our highly-customized approach helps companies find or create products that suit their brand perfectly. Whether you’re looking for products to promote brand awareness, award employees or distributors, or to help aid in selling your existing products, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll work side-by-side with you to develop products, packaging and solutions to make your business run smoother and grow quicker.

Basically, you’ll be able to stop taking your headache medicine after partnering with us!

Rewarding done right

Recognition, Incentives & Awards

Good employees are hard to find, and even harder to keep. A company’s most important assets are happy, motivated employees. A unique, high value incentive shows a prospective employee that your company rewards and values its employees. 

The HB Group specializes in helping companies of all sizes come up with unique and sought after products and programs for rewarding and incentivizing employees and distributors. We’ve done service awards and incentive programs for companies of all sizes.

Our team of designers and product sourcing specialists will work within your program budgets to come up with products your employees and distributors will actually want.

Importing / Product Sourcing

We’ll find it and get it where it needs to go

The HB Group helps brands of all sizes find and import quality products that exceed expectations. We have developed long standing relationships with suppliers both overseas and locally that we hold to a high standard.

Whether you are developing a new product, or are looking for some standard marketing materials, we can help you find the cheapest and best quality products.

The HB Group has a expert sourcing and importing team dedicated to finding reliable and reputable suppliers and importing quality goods and materials. We’ll track your goods from start to finish and make sure they arrive in time.

Product Development

We Design Custom Stores – Apps – Products

If you need to develop a product idea, we can help you. Getting an idea from concept to prototype to manufacturing is a daunting task. Our professional creative marketing team will sit with you, hammer out ideas, and help you develop your product concept.

We can provide graphics, actual product design, prototype model creation, over -see the manufacturing process. We will be with you throughout the entire process.

  • Help you develop your product idea
  • Provide graphic design, product design, and prototyping
  • Find the best suppliers and manufacturing prices
  • Manage the manufacturing process, insure superior quality, and on time delivery
  • Warehouse the product and fulfill orders as needed.

HBG was selected to be the exclusive supplier of licensed products for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. HBG is a specialist in new product development. For more than 30 years the HBG has helped companies bring hundreds of new recognition, and reward products to market, and we can help with your program too.

The HBG is also an expert in manufacturing products in China. No other company has the contacts HBG has. We have dozens of long term relationships in China with suppliers, manufacturers, tax and tariff officers, import lawyers, language specialists and many others.

Promotional / Event Products

More than just a logo

The HB Group can help you find eye catching and memorable promotional items for your brand. We work with the best suppliers to get the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

We can put your logo on just about anything! We’ve placed logos on anything from pens to custom engraved watches. Our expert designers can help you come up with products that fit your brand and will get you recognized.

Whether you’re looking for the classic go-to promotional items, or looking to develop something no one else has, we’ve got you covered. Get your name out there with high quality products that people will actually use!

Hosting an event or awards ceremony for your representatives or clients? Let us help you with all your branded materials for the event. Our designers, developers, product sourcing experts are experienced in event marketing.

From table cloths to certificates and lanyards, we’ve got your event materials covered!

Custom Packaging

Handled with Care

The HB Group knows how important branding is for any company in todays economy. That’s why we work with our clients on every aspect of any project, right down to the packaging of their products.

Custom packaging can set your products apart from the competitor and provide a really professional and pulled together image. Whether you’re shipping small cartons, big shipping boxes or anything else, we can help you customize the packaging to fit your brand.

The HB Group experts in packaging can help you select the right packaging products and materials that will help you maintain brand integrity at the right cost.

In-House Digital Printing

Unique Paper & Inks

We really are a one-stop-shop for our clients, especially with the addition of our printing capabilities. We can handle your print needs from initial planning and design, through print production and delivery.

Our massive printer can take on just about any project. We specialize in printing on unique paper (foil papers, magnet paper, pearl paper, textured, Plike and matte) and can make your designs stand out with amazing ink applications. Our clear coats and ability to print white ink are some of the most sought after capabilities and can really make your artwork “pop” on the page.

We’ve printed, invitations, brochures, booklets, business cards, certificates, stickers, magnets, product inserts, posters and everything in between for companies of all sizes. Call us today with your small or large batch on-demand printing needs.

Warehouse Fulfillment

On Time, Every Time

Missed deadlines lose more accounts than any other problem. Our 31 years of experience fulfilling company’s projects have made the HBG a leader in the industry. You are in professional hands. The Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics selected the HBG to be their exclusive licensed product provider, and Fulfillment Company.

Some of the satisfied national clients the HBG has done importing & fulfillment for are: Exxon/Mobile/Esso, British Petroleum, British Airways, Virgin Companies, Northwest Airlines, American Express, Volvo, Vemma, NuSkin, Xango, Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee, Levi Strauss, Suma Corporation, Zions Bank, Smith’s Food and Drug, and Yesco, among many others…

Quality control is also a key reasons companies continue to use the HBG. Our fulfillment teams provide extensive human quality control checks throughout the fulfillment process to insure your customers get the right product in good condition every time.

World class customer service drives everything we do at the HBG. From domestic and import product fulfillment to packaging, pick pack, and special product needs, you will get world class customer service.

Our newly expanded fulfillment facility allows the HBG to handle any size projects. Whether a few hundred units or one hundred thousand, you will feel confident your project is in experienced hands. We have also delivered amazingly quick turn arounds for clients many times.

From Anywhere In The World

From Product Sourcing to Delivery – We’ve got you covered!

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