Infinite Possibilities

This new, completely customizable and memorable tool will not fail to astonish the viewer and encourage them to act on the given message. Once the cover is lifted, your video starts playing, and your clients or distributors will be hooked and thoroughly impressed.

International Reach

With options to place videos in different language menus, the Vidbök opens up the door for having one device to reach all of your distributors or clients domestically and internationally. The savings and trouble of not having to print as many paper brochures is reason enough to look more into the Vidbök.

What makes the Vidbök special?

No longer do you need to trust that a person will either go to a website, plug in a USB drive, or put in a DVD. All that the recipient needs to do is lift the cover, and the video of your choice will start playing. Multiple videos can be uploaded to the device, if desired, and can be selected from a user friendly menu.