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Top 5 Ways You Know Summer is Over

By August 12, 2015June 29th, 2017Blog
It’s that time of year, school is already starting up and summer is winding down. Here are the top 5 ways you know the glorious season is summer is halting to a close….


1–All the summer TV shows have ended. I always say, “I don’t watch much television” but I think I’m lying. I’ve been HEAVILY invested in what happens to completely made-up characters and those with their fake lives with reality TV.

summer shows 2015

2–It’s darker. And not just in my mind. The sun lately has been going to bed a little earlier.


3–The kids are tired of each other. When your kids start fighting about how their siblings are breathing too loud, when they’ve played every level of every video game, and when they’re so bored they watch you fold clothes, summer’s over.


4–No enthusiasm. When you say, “Who wants to go on a picnic?!” and you’re greeted with frosty stares and silence, that’s when you know it’s time to shove the kids back into a school classroom. Plus, they’re already planning their Halloween costumes.


Hulk(Halloween costumes at a summer picnic. Not a good sign.)


5–Along with leaves, magazines turn colors. Instead of the “How to Get a Beach Body” article, the cover story is, “How to Make a Halloween Centerpiece.” Nooooo!!!! Shorts and tank tops are stored away as bulky sweaters, jeans and boots get pulled out of closets.


I’m in denial. I’m sure there’s time for one more hike or one more day in the sun (with shorts). I’m like the grasshopper having too much fun to prepare for cold weather. Everywhere I turn, there are back to school backpacks, apple spice air fresheners, and even Halloween costumes.

<Sigh>….so ends another great summer, it’s been a good one! So is the cycle of the seasons!

Nate Ingles

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