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Top 5 Ways You Know Summer is Over

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It’s that time of year, school is already starting up and summer is winding down. Here are the top 5 ways you know the glorious season is summer is halting to a close….


1–All the summer TV shows have ended. I always say, “I don’t watch much television” but I think I’m lying. I’ve been HEAVILY invested in what happens to completely made-up characters and those with their fake lives with reality TV.

summer shows 2015

2–It’s darker. And not just in my mind. The sun lately has been going to bed a little earlier.


3–The kids are tired of each other. When your kids start fighting about how their siblings are breathing too loud, when they’ve played every level of every video game, and when they’re so bored they watch you fold clothes, summer’s over.


4–No enthusiasm. When you say, “Who wants to go on a picnic?!” and you’re greeted with frosty stares and silence, that’s when you know it’s time to shove the kids back into a school classroom. Plus, they’re already planning their Halloween costumes.


Hulk(Halloween costumes at a summer picnic. Not a good sign.)


5–Along with leaves, magazines turn colors. Instead of the “How to Get a Beach Body” article, the cover story is, “How to Make a Halloween Centerpiece.” Nooooo!!!! Shorts and tank tops are stored away as bulky sweaters, jeans and boots get pulled out of closets.


I’m in denial. I’m sure there’s time for one more hike or one more day in the sun (with shorts). I’m like the grasshopper having too much fun to prepare for cold weather. Everywhere I turn, there are back to school backpacks, apple spice air fresheners, and even Halloween costumes.

<Sigh>….so ends another great summer, it’s been a good one! So is the cycle of the seasons!

Client Spotlight: Vemma

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Every month The HB Group is going to spotlight a client!

This month is Vemma. Vemma is a multi-level marketing company that sells energy drinks, nutritional beverages and weight management products. They are based in Tempe, Arizona.

We did a Q&A with a Recognition Manager. Here is what they had to say about The HB Group!

HB Group: Why did you choose to do business with The HB Group?

Vemma: We needed to developing a fresh, new, innovative approach to recognition.

The HB Group: How was partnering with The HB Group?

Vemma: Our partnership with The HB Group from the very beginning was a collaborative, creative, and a professional journey that resulted in an amazing program. I worked directly with several members of the HBG team through the creative process of a brand new fulfillment website, product packaging, and award manufacturing details. Their IT team developed and successfully integrated with our in-house system to smoothly communicate recognition awards availability and status in real-time. HBG’s manufacturing and printing partnerships allowed Vemma to obtain the highest quality goods at the most economical costs. And to top it off, HBG’s full-service fulfillment process was no-stress/no-worry for Vemma.

The HB Group: Benefits of working with The HB Group?

Vemma: I cannot stress enough the ease at which HB Group is to work with. They get to know you, your company, your brand, and the ultimate goals for the project. They work with you to make it happen on budget, on time, and if/when any hiccups occur, they implement a fix or work-around that makes both parties happy, even at additional cost to themselves. Their main goal is to build strong long-term relationships with companies, through great products and great service, and it shows in everything they do.



How To Choose Promotional Products and Apparel

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According to our website,, there are hundreds of thousands of promotional products and apparel items for sale today. There are literally thousands of choices available and some of them are perfect for your business. You should keep the following in mind when making your promotional products and apparel selections:

Promotional Products

  1. Does the item fit my company brand? (A car dealership shouldn’t hand out custom flasks.)
  2. How many will I need?
  3. What is my budget for promotional products?
  4. Do they need a case/bag for distributing?
  5. What do I want to promote? (Logo? Website address? Famous quote? Slogan?)


  1. Are these for employees or customers?
  2. How many will I need?
  3. Do I know what sizes I will need?
  4. Imprint on front and back?
  5. What do I want to promote? (Logo? Website address? Famous quote? Slogan?)

How We Can Help You Choose Promotional Products and Apparel

The HB Group understands not only how promotional products and apparel can help your business but also which ones will work best. A combination of creativity and a streamlined ordering process will give you peace of mind. You will receive quality products that work within your budget and will have a positive impact with your customers.

Contact Us Today

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15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014

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Do you ever see a marketing campaign and your first thought is “what in the world were they thinking?” Yes, we’ve all been there. Sometimes these things go viral, and sometimes they just go unnoticed because they were plain crappy.

Businesses are trying to navigate a very noisy world, and getting their marketing messages heard has become increasingly difficult. But there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and while most businesses navigate this line effectively, there are certain ones that seem to ignore it completely.

In fact, they went so far past the line they can’t even see the line!

Anyways, here are 15 of the absolute worst marketing campaigns from 2014. Read about them, learn from them, and above all – don’t copy them!

1. Malaysia Airlines: My Ultimate Bucket List

The first of our worst marketing campaigns for 2014 has to go to Malaysia Airlines, who at the center of 2 tragic lost airlines in 2014,  should’ve been more conscious of their marketing.

" Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - malaysia airlines

In a competition, the airline asked their audience to answer the question “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list, and explain why?” The competition was open to participants in New Zealand and Australia, who would be eligible to win IPads or economy class tickets on the airlines.

But what Malaysia Airlines didn’t take into account was the concept of a “bucket list” and its connection with death. With its recent tragic history, Malaysia Airlines showed a crude lack of empathy and sensitivity towards the situation, and people were quick to call them out. The links to the competition were canceled, and people were asked to describe destinations and activities on their “to-do” list instead.

2. Walmart: Fat Girl Costumes

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014

Leading up to Halloween, Walmart faced a huge public backlash when they released a new shopping category on its website entitled “Fat Girl Costumes.”

People were quick to take to Twitter to call out the superstore for their less-than-appropriate language:

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014

Walmart then issued an apology stating that: “This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again.”

However, people were quick to point to other signs of insensitivity on the site, signally that the damage was already done.

3. Kurl-On Mattresses

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - kurl-on

In another example of cruel insensitivity, Ogilvy India depicted Malala Yousafzai being shot by the Taliban and then bouncing back off a Kurl-On mattress to accept a humanitarian award.

Ogilvy India apologized, saying that:

We deeply regret this incident and want to personally apologize to Malala Yousafzai and her family. We are investigating how our standards were compromised in this case and will take whatever corrective action is necessary. In addition, we have launched a thorough review of our approval and oversight processes across our global network to help ensure that our standards are never compromised again.

But it’s hard to imagine how such a poster could have passed through so many hands unnoticed.

4. Kayak: Stairlift

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - kayak

Kayak, a popular travel aggregator site, produced a commercial featuring an elderly woman that hit a few nerves back in January 2014. In the commercial, a middle-age man has commandeared his elderly mother’s chairlift so that he can continue to work and go upstairs. While on the chairlift, the man passes his weakened, wheezing mother and ignores her suffering to brag about the great deals he’s found online.

Many viewers found the ad’s treatment of senior citizens distasteful, while others found it hilarious. Watching the ad, I can’t help but agree with the former.

5. Levi’s: “Hotness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes”

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - levis

Levi’s Jeans decided that it need to broaden its appeal, and to do so launched an ad campaign for its new Curve ID jeans. But what started out as an inclusive marketing concept, somehow lost its way when Levi’s selected “skinny” models to show off the new jeans in their ads, women who didn’t represent the campaign’s target demographic.

Suffice to say that there was a lot of negative response to the campaign, and a huge loss in customer goodwill.

It looks like someone of their marketing campaign needs to take some lessons in creating buyer personas.

6. Victoria’s Secret: The Perfect “Body”

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - victoria's secret

Not alone in their ridiculously off-target marketing campaigns, Victoria Secret joined Levis in making their target demographic angry, frustrated and alienated.

Good job guys!

According to Victoria Secret’s “The Perfect Body” is thin and toned.  After widespread backlash, Victoria Secret changed the campaign’s theme to “A Body for Every Body.”

7. U2 & Apple: Forced Download

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - macdonalds

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than someone trying to get rid of your product – especially when you’ve given it away for free. This year’s biggest marketing fail campaign has to be from U2 and Apple’s collaboration when it forced U2s new album onto 500 million desktops and iPhones, regardless of whether each user wanted it or not.

The criticism was swift and merciless, and Bono later admitted that they “might have gotten carried away with [themselves]”.

8. McDonalds: #McDStories

McDonald’s is the leading brand in fast food, but after it went through the mill with Fast Food Nation and the mainstream movement of eating local, organic foods, you’d think they’d proceed with caution.

In order to get some feedback from its customers, McDonald’s started the #McDStories hashtag. It all started innocently enough from McDonald’s official Twitter handle:

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - macdonalds

MacDonald’s almost made it too easy, and people were quick to use the hashtag to highlight not-so-favorable #McDStories.

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - macdonalds

While the hashtag was pulled after a few hours, the effects of the campaign have had a long lasting effect.

9. Huggies: “Have Dads Put Huggies to the Test”

" Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - huggies

In 2014, we can pretty much safely assume that the majority of our target demographic are modern thinkers, and as such, have a more modern view on what a “typical” family looks like. One stereotype in particular that’s been challenged is that it’s the mother who’s the main caregiver for the children of the family, and that the father is simply the “breadwinner”.

Unfortunately, Huggies missed the memo. In the campaign “Have Dads Put Huggies to the Test,” dads were shown as being inattentive to babies with full diapers… but not to worry! Because Huggies diapers can handle anything. Even neglectful fathers.

The backlash against the ad was so severe that a petition was launched called, “We’re Dads, Huggies. Not Dummies” to remove the ads.  Huggies eventually removed the ads.

10. Nesquik: “National Bunny Ears Day”

You only ever hear of the marketing campaigns that go really wrong, but what about the ones that were just a flop? Floppy as some bunny ears, maybe? (Sorry. Too easy)

Nesquik’s marketing campaign was centered around #nationalbunnyearsday where people were encouraged to use a mobile app that “bunny-fied” photos by adding in cute bunny ears. Not a bad idea, huh?

Even famous chefs Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay got involved:

" Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - nesquik

So what went wrong?

Nobody cared.

Maybe it would’ve worked if it was aligned with say… Easter! But the made-up day, the mobile-only and Twitter-intensive campaign meant that the campaign landed on deaf ears. (Gosh, it’s hard to resist punning with this one! Hop along now!)

11. New England Patriots: #1MillionPatriots ‘Thank you’ Campaign

To celebrate reaching 1 million followers on Twitter, the New England Patriots created an awesome retweet campaign that would “say thanks” by auto-generating digital images of Patriots jerseys featuring people’s Twitter handles to any followers who tweeted #1MillionPatriots.

Of course, any campaigns like this should really have a delay on the other end, with a person on hand filtering through the responses so that no repeat-Mountain Dew catastrophes are allowed to take place.

Apparently, they missed that incident, and as the campaign gained traction, the trolls came out to play.

What happened was a seriously inappropriate, incredibly offensive Twitter handle was created (that I won’t re-post here, it was that offensive), which then became plastered across the back of digital version of a Patriots jersey, which was then retweeted by the team.

" Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - new england patriots

Of course, the Patriots apologized, but they’ll forever be connected with that awful incident.

12. Sony: Playstation Vita YouTube Ad

" Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - sony

Sexist ads are pretty common unfortunately, to the point that most of the backlash doesn’t get much traction. However, that does not mean that you should align yourself with the practice, like Sony did with their Playstation Vita ad.

The ad starts with a female doctor asking her “patients”: “How many times did you do it yesterday?’ she then continues with a variety of other innuendos before it’s revealed that she’s talking Remote Play for the PS Vista.

Sony quickly pulled the ad from its YouTube channel after bloggers and others found it sexist, but they didn’t offer an apology and declined to comment on the situation.

Wait to handle being called-out with dignity, Sony.

13. Subway: Halloween Commercial

Although 2014 was a great year for female empowerment, there’s always 2 sides of the story. Subway decided to tap into the “sexist-commercials-that-we-all-know-and-hate” market with their Halloween costume promotion.

14. General Motors: Cadillac

" Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - cadillac

Imagine you’re sitting in your boardroom, trying to drum up some ideas for your new Cadillac model. What do you say? “Do you know what’s great about Americans? Their consumerist, materialistic culture. Yep. Definitely. Let’s market to that”.

This bizarre ad was more offensive then it was inspiring, with Actor Neal McDonough celebrating the American work ethic as he walks through an expansive home, starting with the backyard pool, ignoring his kids, only giving his wife a passing look, before suggesting that other nations’ work ethic is lacking: “they work, they stroll home, they stop by the café, they take August off.” (Hey, I’m from Ireland and I’ve never gotten August off! What is this magical land??)

Anyways, the ad sparked some serious criticism, with one headline reading: ‘Poolside’ Commercial Is Awesome for Xenophobes, Not So Much for Selling Cars.” And while Cadillac fuelled money into running the ad on expensive broadcasts such as the Olympics and the Oscars, sales of the car have been relatively weak.

Cadillac recently moved its ad business to a new ad agency.

15. Esurance: Cover Your Home In A *****

" Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 - esurance

What did you read first??

The ad that says “cover your home with a click” was read by many viewers of Esurance’s ad in a different light. The font allows the “c” and the “l” to kind of mash together… resulting in bouts of laughter on my behalf at my desk (apparently I am that jouvenile, who knew?).

The online insurer quickly pulled down this innocent-seeming billboard over the summer.


In Conclusion

While bad marketing campaigns aren’t necessarily the end of your business, it can be a lot of waste money, bad reputation, or a loss of customer loyalty and trust. In order to avoid such catastrophes, it’s best to be as sensitive, understanding and clever with your marketing that you possibly can.

What are some of the worst marketing campaigns that you’ve seen? Please comment and share your stories with us!


10 Mistakes Exhibitors Make

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trade show mistakesYou’ve got a tremendous investment, not only in money, but also time and hopefully training in marketing your business at trade shows. Don’t get in the way of your own success!

Here are the 10 mistakes exhibitors make again and again:

1)      Underselling your company with bad graphics: All too often I’ve seen companies represent themselves at trade shows with a patchwork of a “display.” I’ve seen vinyl banners wrapped around foam board, dented or dinged up displays, and a variety of hodgepodge displays.  Represent your company in the best light possible.  A less-than-professional appearance does not give your prospect confidence in you or your products and services.  This type of display will send prospects running to the competition.

2)      Putting way too much text on your display:  You’ve got literally seconds to get someone’s attention as they stroll around the show floor.  No one will stop to read a lot of text.  Please understand that you cannot tell your entire company story on your tradeshow display.

3)      Not promoting your presence at trade shows: So you’ve got a great looking booth and you’re all ready to go.  So where is everyone?  Why don’t you have any traffic coming into your booth?  What have you done to promote your presence at the show?  Let your clients and prospects know about your trade show appearances by using an e-newsletter and social media.  Plan the launch of a new product/service around a show to create a buzz.  Send invites directly to those prospects that you may not have connected with in the past.

4)      Not training your booth staff and discussing proper expectations: So your booth staffers are sitting down instead of engaging with prospects.  Are they more concerned with playing games, texting, or chatting away while prospects stroll right by your booth?  Make sure you set the proper expectations before the show.  Don’t make the assumption that because you have professional sales people they will understand the nuances of how to work in a trade show environment.  Staff your booth with people who are as good or better than you!

5)      Not listening to your prospects needs: Don’t be so excited to get your message across and sell your product that you miss out on important info about your clients needs.  Also, be sure to be aware of body language and pick up any visual cues that may help you understand your clients’ needs even better.  Take advantage of everything that a face-to-face interaction has to offer.

6)      Depending on a fishbowl to bring in qualified leads: Lose the fishbowl!  Is this type of giveaway really giving you the qualified leads you are seeking?  Be an expert provider of solutions and you don’t necessarily need a generic giveaway contest to drive traffic to your booth.

7)      Hauling too much literature to your booth: Most of the literature handed out at trade shows doesn’t make it past the garbage can in your prospects’ hotel room.  Instead, write “Show Sample” on a copy of your literature to display at the show, and then get your prospect’s contact info to email or mail the info to them after the show.  It will also save you the expense of shipping your heavy literature around.  This gives you a great call to action to follow up with your prospect after the show.  Explore technology to get information in your prospects hands.  QR codes and mobile marketing platforms are great ways to do this.

8)      Not planning for trade show success: We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan! In talking to clients who haven’t seen the results they were expecting, this is something that is very prevalent.  If you don’t have a good plan in place you won’t be able to show an ROI to justify future shows and all you’ve really done is waste a lot of time and money.  Discuss timelines with your trade show marketing consultant, get feedback from industry peers, do your homework.

9)      Not informing your exhibit service partner: Make sure that the service/crews handling the logistics of your booth understand what’s going on with your booth.  Get them a lists of shows for the year so that your booth gets from one show to the next, deciding which shows you have time to ship to the advanced warehouse and which events you may have to ship direct to the show.  Discuss any unique items such as products in the booth, monitors, height limitations, etc.

10)  Not following up on leads: Though is seems like a no-brainer, you need to make sure that your leads are called on in a timely fashion.  Discuss next steps, quoting, future meetings, and provide any additional information they need.  It’s time to deliver on the promises and the expectations that you have set at the show.

Mistakes of course are common and learning from them is the key.  What mistakes have you made as an exhibitor or have you seen that can help your peers?  Share with us below!



The Dos and Don’ts of Using Promotional Products for Marketing

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Have you heard of promotional products and how they can turn your business around?

Now, you might be asking yourself: how can a simple gesture of giving handouts and items help your business? The answer is quite simple. They can help improve your marketing campaigns.

Yes – promotional items can be very effective marketing tools which you can utilize for communicating to your target audience and for brand recognition. In fact, many businesses all over are now using this strategy to increase their success rate and to further enhance their business.

Take note though: although handing out giveaways and free items is a good idea – there are certain things that you will need to take into account. And by doing so, you’ll be able to minimize or even eliminate unnecessary risks – and maximize benefits at the same time.

With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the dos and don’ts of using promotional products for marketing:

The DOs

Put Your Brand Name or Logo in Strategic Locations

Remember that the purpose of marketing is to make people know your company (or business) and what you are offering to them. That same rule goes when using promotional giveaways for marketing.

Print your company name or logo on the items you’re handing out. This is important, as it can help in your branding efforts. As much as possible, place your emblem (or name) on strategic locations, so that more people can actually see it. And the more the people who see your business name, the better will it be for your campaigns.

Offer Quality Items

In order for this marketing method to work, you will need to give people items that they can actually use. Don’t invest in cheap, low quality products, as it might not give out the right message for your intended audience. When you give out quality items, you are actually telling your audience that what you are offering (or selling) is of high-quality as well.

Of course, this does not mean that you should spend an unreasonable amount of money on your handouts. Promotional products such as pens, pencils, post-its, USBs, umbrellas and etc. aren’t really expensive items – but you’ll be surprised at how effective they can be.

Have Various Options

Chances are – your business will have various segments that you will need to reach out to separately. Being so, it would be handy if you had different types of products to offer to them. If possible, invest on products for women, men, teens, seniors – or whatever group that you will need to focus on.

The DON’Ts

Don’t Be Cheap

Consider promotional products as a worthwhile investment. If you are able to give out the right set of products to the right people – then the better the results will be.

So, don’t make price your only consideration. As much as possible, find products that may not really be that cheap – but are actually usable, interesting and will help spread good word about your business.

Don’t Forget to Do Your Market Research

Market research will always be important in your marketing efforts – whatever the method may be. After all, it is only when you are able to study and understand your audience that you’ll be able to connect with them.

In other words, you need to determine which products will be most viable for your market. Find out what your potential clients would like to receive and find ways to give them those products. Once you make this possible, then you can expect more people to appreciate the gesture – ultimately helping you reach your goals in the end.

Don’t Be Political

If you have particular religious or political views and beliefs (and are planning to apply them in the products you’re handing out) – please don’t. Otherwise, you run the risk of alienating particular genders, groups, ethnicities or segments in your target audience – thereby defeating the purpose of your marketing campaigns. To be safe, only use promotional products that are “neutral” – and usable as well.

Happy Marketing! 🙂




5 Secrets of Businesses That Have Happy Customers

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5 Secrets of Businesses That Have Happy Customers

Every day we come across businesses that are arrogant enough to think that simply because they sell a unique product or because they are the biggest player in the market they do not need to treat their customers with utmost respect. Eventually these companies end up losing precious customers. On the other hand, there are businesses that are genuinely unaware of the ways in which customers are to be treated, which means that they fail to take care of their customers appropriately and hence end up losing business. Businesses which fall in the latter category need to make sure that they put into practice some of the most effective customer services techniques, making sure that their customers are always happy in doing business with them.

Value Your Long Term Customers

A business needs to build up a customer base over several years in order to make the operation successful. In order to build up this base, there needs to be a constant stream of new and loyal customers. There are plenty of ways in which you can show your gratitude to the long term customers. One of the most well-known methods of doing so is by giving them certain rewards for which new customers might not qualify. Additionally, you can provide  your loyal customers with even more rewards for referrals that they provide you with in the future, as this encourages them to continue to spread the word about your company. These rewards make your long-term customers feel welcomed and appreciated, which goes a long way in the business world today.

Respect Your Customers’ Time

No customer wants to waste a substantial amount of time in waiting for anything. Whether it is for a table at a restaurant, their turn with the doctor, or their turn for a fitting room, time is money today. You can avoid unhappy customers if you manage your waitlist and reservations with an automated system. Let your customers know up front what the wait time is but then give them the opportunity to leave and still be notified of their turn in line through the use of the system and their smartphone. This gives customers some leeway with the use of their time while ensuring that they do not patronize one of your competitors.

Interact With Your Customers

No customer likes to do business with a faceless, cold and aloof organization that simply goes about its business with clockwork precision. Even if the service is great, there is alwaysthat little something that seems to be missing. This is the reason why there should be meaningful interaction with the customers in order to make them feel that they are indeed dealing with an organization that cares. The best way to accomplish that these days is by having a strong social media presence by way of which the company can interact with customers in a funny and informal way. There are many ways you can do this including the use of valuable content, videos, and images, each of which portray an important message to your customers. Needless to say, such a step can only lead to happier customers who would only be willing to do more business with the company in question.

Diversify the Customer Services Department

Nowadays, people do not always like to get on the phone when they want to reach someone in the customer service department of a company. In addition, more often than not they prefer non-voice options like chat, text, social media or even e-mail. In order to facilitate that, you should ensure that you have the necessary non-voice options in place so that customers never hesitate to get in touch even for the slightest of issues. Whether you provide easy access to contact you on the internet or you offer a 24-7 voicemail system, a robust customer service department will almost certainly lead to a better customer experience.

Create a User Friendly Website

In today’s world, most customers get their information online before shopping in-store. This means that if you do not have a user friendly website, you could be losing a large amount of potential business. In addition, a properly designed website helps customers easily located contact information that allows them to call you to learn more about your company or even to resolve a problem that they are having with your products or services. Overall, a professionally created website helps customers find your company, learn about it, and have a way to easily contact you.

If an organization values its customers but does not know exactly how to go about making them happy, so that they keep coming back then he should adopt the 5 measures listed here.

Keep those customers 🙂 !


7 Tips to Creating a Memorable Slogan

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7 Tips to Creating a Memorable Slogan

What makes a slogan memorable? If you’re creating a new slogan for your business or product, you want something that represents your brand and is easy to remember. According to The Washington Post, the top four most recalled slogans are:

  • Just do it! (Nike)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s)
  • Have it your way (Burger King)
  • Melts in your mouth, not in your hand (M&Ms)

To help you create a memorable slogan for your business, here are seven tips to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Keep it short and simple

If Las Vegas had tried to use “Whatever you do while you’re in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas” instead of “What Happens Here, Stays Here” it might never have caught on as one of the most popular slogans of all time. Keep your slogan under 9 or 10 words.

2. Be consistent

Consistent branding is key whether you’re a small business or a household name. Make sure your slogan complements your existing logo, company name and projected image. For example, withPro Carpet Care’s slogan, “Your Greener Cleaner” they streamline their earth-friendly branding with a leaf logo. The color green is used in their website design and marketing materials.

3. Focus on what makes you different

Figure out what your unique selling proposition is and use it. Is your delivery business done with a fleet of electric cars? Does your dental practice cater to those with high anxiety? Crossoak Family Dentistry uses the slogan “We cater to cowards” with a big chicken on its website. Incorporate what makes you special into your slogan if possible.

4. Make it timeless

Verizon had a good run with, “Can you hear me now?” but it was only a matter of time before technology made all cell phone calls clear. You have to change with the times, but when you’re working on a slogan you want to think of its longevity. References to technology or phrases like “the only” are risky. Choose wording that can stand the test of time.

5. Ensure it can stand-alone1

Lumberjack’s Restaurant’s “Where the BIG BOYS eat!” tell you about the target persona that you can probably figure out the business with no other hints. You want a slogan that tells your audience what your business is without any additional information.

6. Consider your target market

You’ll also need to consider if your customers are local, national or international. While some locals get Philadelphia’s new slogan, “PHL: Here for the Making,” it may have left tourists scratching their heads. The phased-out Wendy’s slogan, “It’s better here” sounds better suited to a “shop local” campaign than a national fast food chain. Make sure your slogan is clear to your target market.

If you sell to other countries, keep in mind that translating your slogan to another language can significantly change the meaning. When KFC launched in China, their “finger lickin’ good” slogan translated to the unfortunately less appetizing, “eat your fingers off.”

7. Get input

Being creative is a tough job, but there are ways to avoid going it alone. Use Facebook’s poll feature to get opinions from your followers. Use Twitter to host a slogan contest with a designated hashtag to track entries. Or consider some free tagline generators, like, or, to get your brain warmed up.

What are some of your favorite slogans?


Get to Know Henri Bonan – Founder of The HB Group

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Henri and SuZan Bonan


Get to know Henri Bonan, the Founder of The HB Group! 

What were you doing prior to starting The HB Group?

I attended Brigham Young University and received a Bachelors Degree in Communications. I dreamed of buying TV stations, I worked on air and radio sales. While at BYU, I was moving from Provo to Salt Lake City, I blew a disc out of my back by lifting a 100 lb Pioneer amp. After I had surgery one day I was laying there, and it hit me that I wasn’t interested in being the top in radio anymore. I was head hunted for a job with a local employee recognition company and started working there in the early 80’s. I had a piece of garbage car. I would park blocks away so it would’t affect my chances at work. They were very high brow, and probably wouldn’t appreciate a 65 old cutlass convertible, with no top and all rusted out..the perfect college car!


What Made You Want to Start a Career in the Import/Export Business?

I was dropping by some businesses in 1985. I had been thinking about how to be more competitive. Buying domestically didn’t set me apart. I saw a cotton bag on the floor at a company, he threw it at me and I saw a made in China tag, my mind started to turn. The president asked if I could get 7500-10000 bags every 2 months and asked if I could get them for a certain price point. I then contacted another local company and they asked the same if I could get them jogging suits at half the price. If so, they would cut me a check for half the order. In the Fall of ’85, no one ever went to China back then. I was one of the first. Every business I looked at were short Chinese. I was very intimidated even though I towered over everyone. I had no idea of what I was doing. Once I purchased my first order for my first company, it opened many doors.  The HB Group was then born. It was an interesting experience. I called the Chinese consulate in SF first, and they reached out and made appointments. I flew to China blind not knowing what to expect. Everything began to move quickly after that first visit.

Biggest ups and downs
At the time of 9/11 there was a game change. We lost millions in with the Olympics business since there was extreme security risk with terrorism. Everyone we shipped to shipped back. They were worried there would be no games and no way to sell their merchandise. This was after we shipped and billed based on our PO’s from them.
Biggest ups is selling to a new company. Every time a new company trusts us to do their programs, it reminds me of why I started. I love helping people reach their goals and provide excellent products at good prices and great rejuvenates me!

What advice do you give to anyone wanting to venture in the import/export field and also in starting their own business?

Just know what you’re doing and do your homework prior. In venturing in the import/export business, your company hangs on the economy of the world. Some countries dislike each other like China  importing to Japan. Know your facts before setting up shop. But be passionate..that’s what pushes you. Even if you make mistakes, push forward and have a great attitude. You can make it. It also doesn’t hurt to have a great relationship with a good freight forwarder!

Little known unique facts about yourself – hobbies, what you like to do in spare time
I was born and lived in Sweden. Moved to California, then Utah. I can’t play golf anymore unfortunately due to multiple surgeries. I’m a closet rock star! I was the lead singer in a rock band for 7 years. I own another company, a music entertainment company, Airus Music Group where I manage Swedish bands. With my second venture now that I’m older, I can live vicariously through them! 

Favorite trip you have been on 
Best trip was this last Fall of 2014 with my wife to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia. It was an amazing experience. So many story book scenes. It was like being in a Disney movie everywhere you looked. Truly a trip of a lifetime.
Your Personal Life
My wife told me she would give me sons, strong and tall , however five daughters later, I wouldn’t trade a thing. They are wonderful girls and I have loved every minute watching them grow and going to all their activities.  I’ll admit there were times with all the estrogen, I had to go watch a man’s movie just to get my head straight! But it’s been so fun. Now they have given me wonderful grandchildren, makes it all worth it! Life is truly a journey.