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Client Spotlight: Vemma

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Every month The HB Group is going to spotlight a client!

This month is Vemma. Vemma is a multi-level marketing company that sells energy drinks, nutritional beverages and weight management products. They are based in Tempe, Arizona.

We did a Q&A with a Recognition Manager. Here is what they had to say about The HB Group!

HB Group: Why did you choose to do business with The HB Group?

Vemma: We needed to developing a fresh, new, innovative approach to recognition.

The HB Group: How was partnering with The HB Group?

Vemma: Our partnership with The HB Group from the very beginning was a collaborative, creative, and a professional journey that resulted in an amazing program. I worked directly with several members of the HBG team through the creative process of a brand new fulfillment website, product packaging, and award manufacturing details. Their IT team developed and successfully integrated with our in-house system to smoothly communicate recognition awards availability and status in real-time. HBG’s manufacturing and printing partnerships allowed Vemma to obtain the highest quality goods at the most economical costs. And to top it off, HBG’s full-service fulfillment process was no-stress/no-worry for Vemma.

The HB Group: Benefits of working with The HB Group?

Vemma: I cannot stress enough the ease at which HB Group is to work with. They get to know you, your company, your brand, and the ultimate goals for the project. They work with you to make it happen on budget, on time, and if/when any hiccups occur, they implement a fix or work-around that makes both parties happy, even at additional cost to themselves. Their main goal is to build strong long-term relationships with companies, through great products and great service, and it shows in everything they do.