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7 Tips to Creating a Memorable Slogan

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7 Tips to Creating a Memorable Slogan

What makes a slogan memorable? If you’re creating a new slogan for your business or product, you want something that represents your brand and is easy to remember. According to The Washington Post, the top four most recalled slogans are:

  • Just do it! (Nike)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s)
  • Have it your way (Burger King)
  • Melts in your mouth, not in your hand (M&Ms)

To help you create a memorable slogan for your business, here are seven tips to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Keep it short and simple

If Las Vegas had tried to use “Whatever you do while you’re in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas” instead of “What Happens Here, Stays Here” it might never have caught on as one of the most popular slogans of all time. Keep your slogan under 9 or 10 words.

2. Be consistent

Consistent branding is key whether you’re a small business or a household name. Make sure your slogan complements your existing logo, company name and projected image. For example, withPro Carpet Care’s slogan, “Your Greener Cleaner” they streamline their earth-friendly branding with a leaf logo. The color green is used in their website design and marketing materials.

3. Focus on what makes you different

Figure out what your unique selling proposition is and use it. Is your delivery business done with a fleet of electric cars? Does your dental practice cater to those with high anxiety? Crossoak Family Dentistry uses the slogan “We cater to cowards” with a big chicken on its website. Incorporate what makes you special into your slogan if possible.

4. Make it timeless

Verizon had a good run with, “Can you hear me now?” but it was only a matter of time before technology made all cell phone calls clear. You have to change with the times, but when you’re working on a slogan you want to think of its longevity. References to technology or phrases like “the only” are risky. Choose wording that can stand the test of time.

5. Ensure it can stand-alone1

Lumberjack’s Restaurant’s “Where the BIG BOYS eat!” tell you about the target persona that you can probably figure out the business with no other hints. You want a slogan that tells your audience what your business is without any additional information.

6. Consider your target market

You’ll also need to consider if your customers are local, national or international. While some locals get Philadelphia’s new slogan, “PHL: Here for the Making,” it may have left tourists scratching their heads. The phased-out Wendy’s slogan, “It’s better here” sounds better suited to a “shop local” campaign than a national fast food chain. Make sure your slogan is clear to your target market.

If you sell to other countries, keep in mind that translating your slogan to another language can significantly change the meaning. When KFC launched in China, their “finger lickin’ good” slogan translated to the unfortunately less appetizing, “eat your fingers off.”

7. Get input

Being creative is a tough job, but there are ways to avoid going it alone. Use Facebook’s poll feature to get opinions from your followers. Use Twitter to host a slogan contest with a designated hashtag to track entries. Or consider some free tagline generators, like, or, to get your brain warmed up.

What are some of your favorite slogans?


Why You Should Start Offering Employee Service Awards

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Employee Services awards are a way to congratulate your staff for reaching certain milestones or achievements, such as years worked or completing specific goals. Fostering a culture of appreciation with awards and gifts are shown to have a significant impact on overall business and boost employee morale. 

Retaining quality employees should always be a priority to any business, and congratulating them with a service award is a great way to let them know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Even in harsher economies, key employees will often have other choices for employment and will most likely have an opportunity to choose between staying with your company or making a change, so satisfaction in the workplace is key to gaining their loyalty. We all know the hiring process can be stressful and time consuming, so maintaining longevity can cut down on this process and avoid the costs of turnover.

Increased employee morale is another benefit of providing service awards. If an employee feels underappreciated, their feelings toward the company can sour and even affect productivity, which is why high turnover companies opt to start an employee service award program. Awards for achievements can motivate employees and give extra incentive to meet certain goals and objectives.

There is also a lot of versatility when creating an employee service award program; you don’t always have to go with typical plaques or trophies, often times companies will create a catalog of company branded items that an employee can choose from or even give the employee freedom to find their own gift. This option lets employee receive a gift that they will get enjoyment from since it’s tailored to their interests.

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