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5 Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

By Blog

Seven percent of the American population has never heard of Facebook


Forty-one percent hasn’t heard of LinkedIn.

Most “food” in advertising is inedible


“Food styling” makes the food unsafe to consume. Ice cubes are often acrylic, and wet paper towels are used to keep hamburger buns looking fresh and moist.

Rich Silverstein originally hated the ad campaign “Got Milk?”


The co-founder of Goodby Silverstein & Partners thought it was lazy and grammatically incorrect.

Twitter was originally called Twttr


The name was changed a few months before it launched. The first tweet was “Just setting up my twttr” by Jack Dorsey.

Fifty percent of clicks on mobile banners are accidental


They’re caused by “fat-finger taps,” according to GoldSpot Media.



What do you think of these facts?