Personal Protective Equipment

Disposable Face Shield

TPE Plastic Face Shield. 8.5″ tall.

Retail Price – $1.06 ea.

Face Shield

Out of Stock


PC material, medical grade, anti-fluid.

Retail Price – $2.27 ea.

KN95 Mask

Retail Price – $2.05 ea.

Disposable Surgical Masks

3-ply disposable Masks

Retail Price – $0.65 ea.

Nitrile Gloves

Retail Price – $0.65/pair

Sizes: S/M/L/XL

Isolation Gown

Retail Price – $7.25 ea

Sizes: L/XL

Non-sterile Isolation Suit

PP non-woven fabric 30gsm+breathable film

Retail Price – $18.75 ea.

Sterile Isolation Suit

Laminated non-woven fabric with coating. Seam sealed.

Out of Stock

Shoe Cover

Laminated non-woven fabric with coating, 65gsm.

45cm W x 35cm H

Out of Stock


Non-woven fabric.

15 cm W x 40 cm H

Out of Stock