The HB Group has worked with companies of all different sizes. Our experience in recognition and incentive plans, as well as product development and sourcing sets us apart from our competitors.

We specialize in helping direct product sales companies set up and execute recognition programs for their representatives. We understand the intricacies of these types of companies and know that each one needs some level of customization to their program. We’ve helped developed new products, systems, and rewarding techniques for these industries and our ability to adapt to different situations is what we excel in.

In addition to direct sales companies, we’ve worked with almost every other industry including healthcare, automotive, technology and software, restaurants chains, and special event companies.

Our Past and Current Clients Include:

What People are Saying…

The HB Group helped me get my product idea off the ground and produced. They also helped me build an e-commerce website to start selling my product. I couldn't have asked for a better team to help listen to my needs and the process was very smooth.

Katie E. Small Business Owner - Salt Lake City, Utah

I came to The HB Group for some ideas for revamping our current employee recognition program and was blown away with the quick response time and creative ideas The HB Group came up with. They listened to what has worked in the past for us and helped us plan a really cool program for the upcoming year. Our employees have never been more motivated to hit their goals.

Ted R.Recognition & Awards Program Manager

I was in an incredible bind a few weeks before our annual event. We needed custom promotional bags with our event design and logo on it, and we needed it fast. I had worked with The HB Group in the past and called them up. They took the reigns and got the project done and delivered, with 2 days to spare! They saved my butt and our event attendees loved the product!

Sarah S.Director of Events