Your Importing & Fulfillment Projects On time Every Time

Missed deadlines lose more accounts than any other problem. Our 31 years of experience fulfilling company’s projects have made the HBG a leader in the industry. You are in professional hands. The Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics selected the HBG to be their exclusive licensed product provider, and Fulfillment Company.

Some of the satisfied national clients the HBG has done importing & fulfillment for are: Exxon/Mobile/Esso, British Petroleum, British Airways, Virgin Companies, Northwest Airlines, American Express, Volvo, Vemma, NuSkin, Xango, Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee, Levi Strauss, Suma Corporation, Zions Bank, Smith’s Food and Drug, and Yesco, among many others…

Quality control is also a key reasons companies continue to use the HBG. Our fulfillment teams provide extensive human quality control checks throughout the fulfillment process to insure your customers get the right product in good condition every time.

World class customer service drives everything we do at the HBG. From domestic and import product fulfillment to packaging, pick pack, and special product needs, you will get world class customer service.

Our newly expanded fulfillment facility allows the HBG to handle any size projects. Whether a few hundred units or one hundred thousand, you will feel confident your project is in experienced hands. We have also delivered amazingly quick turn arounds for clients many times.

From Anywhere In The World