We Design Custom Stores – Apps – Products

If you need to develop a product idea, we can help you. Getting an idea from concept to prototype to manufacturing is a daunting task. Our professional creative marketing team will sit with you, hammer out ideas, and help you develop your product concept.

We can provide graphics, actual product design, prototype model creation, over -see the manufacturing process. We will be with you throughout the entire process.

  • Help you develop your product idea
  • Provide graphic design, product design, and prototyping
  • Find the best suppliers and manufacturing prices
  • Manage the manufacturing process, insure superior quality, and on time delivery
  • Warehouse the product and fulfill orders as needed.

HBG was selected to be the exclusive supplier of licensed products for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. HBG is a specialist in new product development. For more than 30 years the HBG has helped companies bring hundreds of new recognition, and reward products to market, and we can help with your program too.

The HBG is also an expert in manufacturing products in China. No other company has the contacts HBG has. We have dozens of long term relationships in China with suppliers, manufacturers, tax and tariff officers, import lawyers, language specialists and many others.